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Final Four Predictions

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
March 26, 2018
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And then it was down to the Final Four. Michigan versus Loyola Chicago and Kansas versus Villanova. Certainly, by now everyone's bracket is destroyed. We had originally picked Kentucky to win it all, but...that too was too good to last. As we laughed at the overall number one seed getting absolutely smashed by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, our time eventually came as Kansas St. made Kentucky suffer the same fate, although, losing to Kansas State isn't as bad as getting beaten by UMBC, no offense UMBC, nobody saw you guys wrecking shop like that, major kudos to you all.Loyola Chicago versus Michigan. This game is hard to predict. Michigan is no doubt the favorite, but Loyola's Cinderella run makes us wary. They've been shutting down teams they shouldn't ever since getting to the big dance this year. Every team Loyola has played has been ranked way higher than them. They even shut down Kansas State, who beat our favorite to win the whole show. While our gut says go with Michigan as the smart and safe choice, we're going to stay with Loyola Chicago edging them out by the slimmest of margins. Should be an extremely exciting game to watch for sure.

Final Four

Kansas versus Villanova. It's like the NCAA Basketball version of Captain America: Civil War. Two powerhouses known for their basketball history and prowess are going to butt heads in the second game. We've got some loyalty to the Jayhawks via some close personal friends that are extreme Jayhawk fans. Honestly, we don't know. We know who we want to win. We're bout that Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU. We're going to go with our loyalty and say that Kansas pulls out the victory over Villanova. The hard-fought perseverance against a superb Duke team has either prepared Kansas or drained them. Villanova has had relatively little trouble dispatching their foes in the tournament, so a true test might be too much for them to bear.

Final Four

The championship game will be Loyola Chicago versus Kansas. We predict a Kansas victory. Don't ask us for the scores of any of these games, if this year's bracket has proven anything it's that nobody knows anything!

Final Four
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