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Fat-Blasting Cardio

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
January 25, 2018
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Does anyone actually enjoy trudging away on the treadmill, bike or stair master for 20-30 minutes at a time? You've been told that this is how to eradicate that stubborn body fat and so you grudgingly power through the mundane boring cardio snoozefest. What a drag! Good news everyone! We've got a few tips for you to kick-start your cardio and get out of the snoozefest that cardio sessions can turn into.High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to induce an effect called EPOC. What is EPOC and why is it important? EPOC is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and it's super important. When you exercise at a high intensity, you may notice your breathing becomes faster and shallow. Your body is having difficulty keeping up with your work rate. This is a good thing! After you finish a workout that induces EPOC, your body will have an elevated metabolism, blasting calories and fat alike for up to 48 hours after the workout.Here are a few great ways to get your cardio in and induce that EPOC effect that are certainly more exciting than a twenty to thirty-minute treadmill bout.


1. ComplexesA complex is a series of exercise movements combined into one movement. Like a deadlift into an upright row, then a clean, then overhead press. You'll use less weight than you normally do on some of the exercises, but even with the lighter weight, a complex will kick your butt. To really get the most out of this type of training try to keep your rest times under a minute for each set. You'll be bent over a trash can soon if you do it right. However, your body will soon adapt and you'll start to see muscle build and fat melt away, as well as make your heart super healthy as well.2. SprintingSprints of any type will challenge your cardiovascular system. Whether you're on the grass, track a rower, an assault bike, or recumbent/upright bike even the pool. Doing these short burst of high-intensity exercises usually involve your whole body putting a tremendous burden on your muscles and cardiovascular system. Have you ever seen an Olympic sprinter who wasn't chiseled like a Greek god/goddess?


3. Prowler Sled/Loaded Carries/Tire FlipWe love loaded carries and the prowler sled, they are both great exercises for building muscle and taxing the cardiovascular system. Try to go push, pull, carry, or flip for a minute or so at a time, and see how quickly you die out on the floor.These three methods are definitely taxing and not for the faint of heart, but if you are able to stick with them, you'll experience whole new level of cardiovascular conditioning.

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