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Fitness Hall of Fame

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
January 29, 2018
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Last week we showed you the first in our ever-expanding fitness Hall of Shame. Today we'll hit you up with another ever-expanding list, but this is the Fitness Hall of Fame. Showing the best exercises you may not know about to get your workout to the next level!

Hall of Fame

Prowler SledIt doesn't have to be the brand name, but anytime you push or pull a load it engages your whole body, torching body fat and building muscle. You can utilize the sled in several different ways the most common is pushing it as fas as you can with quick firing feet, building explosive power through your entire body.Power Clean from the HangThis is a variation of the Olympic lift Power Clean. It takes a lot of practice to get it right, but once you do, you'll find your strength and power taken to new heights. It's a fast, violent movement that incorporates your entire lower body and posterior chain, so you can get the butt you've always dreamed about.

hall of fame

Squat Jumps with WeightSo first and foremost you need to know, do not do this with a lot of weight (Start with the barbell and work your way up). However, if you're reasonably in shape and squat on a regular basis, the jump squat can and should be incorporated into your work out. It will do two things, give you tremendously strong and cut quads, as well as give that heart of yours a solid workout as well.

Hall of Fame

Eccentric Bicep CurlFor many with long limbs, getting size and definition in the bicep can be a challenging endeavor. That's where the eccentric bicep curls come into play. The eccentric motion is the lowering of the weight from the top position and causes the most microtrauma to the muscle belly. Microtrauma is a good thing, it's how the muscle knows to repair and grow bigger. Instead of rapid firing your bicep curls, do a four-second rep, one second to lift the weight, three seconds to lower it. You'll see the dividends soon enough.

Hall of Fame

Loaded CarryWhether you're using the Hex-bar, barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells, carrying heavy weights for a distance is another great way to stress the entire body. We talked about all the benefits here. Vary up how you carry it to stress your body differently, soon you'll have a strong core, shoulders and back!

Hall of Fame
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