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Fitness Hall of Shame

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
January 26, 2018
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We don't like to talk a lot of crap on people trying to achieve their dreams or pursuing a business endeavor. It's not our style, not who we are. There are some products however that do not work as advertised and belong in the hall of shame. We'd suggest you avoid wasting your money on these gimmicky fitness tools that maybe give you some "results" in the form of a placebo effect but don't actually do anything beneficial fitness wise.Electrostimulation BeltThere is no shortcut to getting that chiseled defined midsection. There are three variables involved in getting a chiseled midsection and they are genetics, diet, and exercise. Using electrical stimulation does not place the same metabolic stress or load that traditional exercise would and is far less intense. The muscle won't grow and you won't lose fat around your tum tum. Eat better, and go to the gym. Hall of Shame worthy for sure.

Hall of Shame

Shake WeightSo. Aside from looking completely ridiculous and overtly sexual. The shaking motion may actually stimulate your small stabilizing muscles in your rotator cuff. Keyword being "may" we haven't done the myograph. If anything, you're stimulating an extremely small set of stabilizing muscles that will do absolutely jack and shit for your overall health and wellness. There is no way this doesn't belong in the hall of shame.

hall of shame

Magnetic Fat Reducing RingOk, just no, no on so many different levels, just... "Stop the planet we want off" kind of no. Folks, you can only lose fat through exhaling it, as your body converts it to energy, it gets exhaled as a waste by-product. Wearing a special magnetized ring will not strip fat off of specific places. This borders on wearing a magic amulet to make you invincible kind of ridiculous.

hall of shame

Sweat SuitsSo. Sweating more also does not equate to fat loss, it equals water loss. This tool may be beneficial for fighters looking to cut weight (hint their losing water weight, not fat), but that's it. Coupled with the serious risk of overheating your body thus giving you some serious long-term medical issues, these rubber suits are a no-go as far as getting in shape.

hall of shame

ACE Power HorseThis guy comes alllllll the way from Korea. The cool Korea, not the uncool Korea. While the motion actually involves your legs (which are a great muscle group to work), the motion is just...wrong on so many levels. If you are going to use this as an adult, don't do it in front of your kids. There is only so much therapy in the world and between this and the shake weight.

hall of shame
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