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Football is Back!

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
September 6, 2018
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What glorious fall breeze hath brought back into our lives. The wonderful game of football of course. Football is back! I'm gonna tell you guys, straight up I love football. I know everyone has there sport and I can't wait to hear the "Rugby and Hockey players are way tougher than football players." Ok, look, I don't care right now. I love both of those other sports, but I like thousands of other Americans love football and that's what this is about.Each day as I drive home I pass by the middle school where I played organized football for the first time. Despite playing on the street growing up, this...this was where I fell in love with the game. The August heat beat down on my body and through the next several years, every fall I'd get to endure the drenching rain or blistering heat that football season brought with it. From middle school to high school and to my one year playing at a D3 college, I'll always love this game as many Americans do.Last weekend was the opening weekend for College, High School and Middle School Football around my area. I sat in my gigantic oversized chair, propped my feet up and watched. I sank into a deep relaxation as I watched safeties break receivers in half as the ball came to them on a medium depth crossing route. That crack. The speed and the sudden stop. Here comes the motherf***ing boom bitch.

Football is back

I watched quarterbacks frantically scatter for their lives as behemoth defensive linemen and linebackers sought to ruin their damn day. Miami and LSU, wow what a game. What a refreshing change of pace to put the hustle bustle of our daily lives on hold to watch the orchestrated violence occurring on the gridiron.This week is opening week for the NFL, we know many readers won't watch. That's ok, that is one of the freedoms you enjoy. I, however, after watching my fill of college and high school football, am going to watch JJ Watt smack Tom Brady around like a PFC that just stepped on Sergeant Major's f***ing grass.

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