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Game One Sets the Tone

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
May 29, 2018
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Last night, in game one, the Vegas Golden Knights set the tone for the entire series. We can't tell you how happy we are to write this piece this morning. As we shuffled in and heard the news of yet another Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals, the collective groan from nearly everyone who enjoys sports rattled our office walls. However, there was a sigh of relief as those who had not yet heard about the gripping, jaw-dropping, back and forth Game 1 from the Stanley Cup Finals. The Vegas Golden Knights and the Washington Capitals slugged it out in what was one of the most exciting games we've ever seen.The Knights took the lead early scoring the first goal, an absolute rocket of a shot from Colin Miller that managed to just find it's way through heavy traffic and right into the net. We'll be honest it was hit so hard we lost track of it and thought it ricocheted out of play. What a shot to open up the game. However, the Capitals came back, shortly after tieing the game up. It was like that all night. the Knights would score, then the Capitals would score, back and forth with four lead changes happening.Then...IT happened, we all know what IT is as well if you were watching the game. The hit by Tom Wilson on Jonathan Marchessault. Wilson defends the hit. The Knights disagree, and as it's known, hockey players have long memories. The hit lit a fire under the Knights. Neither team had really been able to create any separation the entire night. However soon after the hit Tomas Nosek scored the 5th goal giving the Knights the lead. The lead was held onto long enough to prompt an empty net from the Capitals.

As the clock wound down, from minutes to seconds, the puck got loose and Nosek put the final nail in the coffin scoring his 2nd goal of the night on the empty net. What a finish to a wild game one.

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