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Hazards of Exercising Outside

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
March 14, 2018
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Winter is fading fast and the warmer months are soon to be upon us. Beautiful sun shining days will inevitably lead to an increase in the amount of exercise done outdoors. Afterall exercising outdoors can be extremely beneficial. Vitamin D that's synthesized by the sunlight can help with energy levels, wind can provide resistance while running, trails offer a variety of conditions that challenge your body in a numerous of ways. There are however things to watch out for when you're exercising outside.WildlifeWhere you exercise matters. If you're in Chicago, for instance, the geese can get downright mean. Oh, it's just a harmless bird huh? Well, not when it's savagely picking at the remains of your corpse since you didn't head our warning. Avoid the GEESE! Respect nature and understand that when spring emerges, so do lots of hormonal animals ready to increase their population. If you're in Arizona, Texas, California or any Southwestern state, definitely be on the lookout for snakes as they'll be trying to warm themselves up on the hot asphalt or concrete. Watch your step!HeatAcross the nation each year thousands of people will suffer the effects of heat cramps, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke, the latter being the more severe. As one famous hydration pack company's slogan says "Hydrate or Die." It really is that simple. The normal recommended amount of water per day is 64 ounces. However, you might want to up that a little bit more if you're going to be exercising outside. Water is life!

Exercising Outdoors

SunThe sun can get us multiple ways, from heat to this. We all want to be tanned and beautiful with bulging biceps, a firm butt and ripped six pack abs. Most of that is good. The tanned part, well, we should all know by now how devastating skin cancer can be and how quickly it can sneak up on you. Wear the proper clothes, protect your skin, you don't have to go off the deep end to keep your skin safe, but make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and take care of your body. It's the only one you've got.

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