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Motivation Monday: Focus and Achieve

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
February 5, 2018
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Another weekend has come and gone, but you made it through and here you are. You showed up and whether or not you feel 100% prepared for the week's workload, you're here, just like you were here last Monday and the last one before that. You're consistent. The famed philosopher Aristotle stated that,

'We are what we repeatedly do, therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit'

You habitually show up on time and put your nose to the grindstone. You habitually work until the job is done. You've created habits. Some of them good, and virtuous, some of them, maybe not so great. You stand, as you read this article on the precipice of being able to recognize whatever habits you have and put them to good use or work to change the bad habits. To be consistently excellent in everything you do. The more you practice these traits, the more consistent you are, the easier and easier it'll become.Soon working hard won't take as much out of you as it once did and you'll be able to push your limits even further. You'll notice that as you drive forward, you actually get stronger, not weaker. Your mind and body become stronger as you strive for consistency and excellence in all that you do. You've already made the first step because you're here today. You showed up, you deposited that small amount of currency into the habit bank and you're getting better all the time.Find time today to tackle another attribute that you wish to turn into a habit. Maybe it's exercise or spending more time with the family. Maybe it's something simple like finishing an extra piece of paperwork. Find one thing that you wish to be better at today and turn it into a habit you'll practice for a lifetime. Have a great Monday!


Monday Motivation: January 29th, 2018

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