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Muscle 101: Beginner's Guide to Building Strength

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
February 2, 2018
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Our muscles are complex and adaptable tissues that give us the ability to do everything from opening our mouths to eat Tide Pods to running to the hospital after eating said Tide Pods (we jest, don't eat tide pods). In Muscle 101 we're going to take specific muscles and break down the anatomy and functionality of individual muscles. This week we're going to start this series off with a relatively simple muscle. If the sun's out, the guns are out! We present to you Muscle 101: The Biceps.The Biceps are made up of two muscles actually hence the prefix "bi". There is both Biceps Brachii Long Head and the Biceps Brachii Short Head. These muscles are what we'd call prime movers of the elbow when it comes to bringing your hand towards your shoulder.

The Biceps

Biceps Brachii Long Head:The Biceps Brachii Long Head originates at the Supraglenoid Tubercle, located just above the superior lip of the glenoid fossa (oh science words). It then travels down to the tuberosity of the radius and bicipital aponeurosis (more science words).In laymen's terms, it starts at your shoulder and ends on your forearm. It is responsible for the following movements, flexing the elbow, supinating the forearm, flexion at the shoulder joint (weak), abduction at the shoulder joint (weak). The best exercises for the Long head are incline dumbbell curls and standing barbell curls.Biceps Brachii Short Head:The Biceps Brachii Short Head originates at the Coracoid process of the scapula and upper lip of the glenoid fossa, it inserts at the same place as the Biceps Brachii Long Head (all of the science words).It is mainly responsible for the same motions as the Biceps Long Head, however, due to the change in origin points, the short head will require different exercises to maximize its activation. Utilize the preacher curl or concentration curls to maximize the benefits on the short head of the biceps.

The Biceps
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