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Olympic Controversy

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
February 14, 2018
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The United States and the International Olympic Committee were butting heads over the masks of two goalkeepers from the United States Women's Hockey Team. The issue? The masks have an image of the Statue of Liberty on them. Both Nicole Hensley and Alex Rigsby have the iconic landmark on their masks which according to the IOC, violates the "no political symbol" rule that has been set which includes not allowing words from the national anthem, motivational words or slogans regarding a nation's identity.

Statue of Liberty

Didn't know landmarks and gifts from other countries as a gesture of friendship was not in the spirit of the Olympics... It may legitimately be against the rules, but, maybe the rule is dumb. We'd venture to say the only thing more representative of the United States of America than the State of Liberty is Old Glory herself, which holds plenty of symbolism and political statement. Does anyone else here remember how this country was formed? Remember that whole throwing off the yokes and chains of a tyrant king? We at American Grit remember.We humbly submit, that if the Statue of Liberty can't be on the helmets, then we should probably take off the U.S. flag too, right? It's a political statement. That'd be nonsense, right? No one in their right mind would dare to assert we do that. Actually given what the world is coming to these days they probably would.

Statue of Liberty

If North friggin Korea can have their little cheerleading section following all their athletes around, then the United States should be allowed to have the Statue of Liberty on their hockey masks. Stop making dumb rules to appease people. Aren't there more pressing issues in our world today than whats on the U.S. Women's Hockey Team's masks? Can't we focus on something legitimately important? Like why they still refuse to bring back Firefly...Luckily the Americans were able to keep the images on their masks!

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