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Olympic Flag Dipping

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
January 16, 2018
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During the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the flags of the nations are usually dipped when passing heads of state or other dignitaries of the host nation. Listen closely when we say this. We don't dip our flag for anyone. While the origins of the Olympic flag dipping began in 1908 to show unease of with the British government for their mistreatment of Ireland and the tradition continued in major display in the 1936 Olympics to show disapproval of the Nazi regime, the United States has not dipped its flag to anyone since then.Some may call it arrogance, some may even call it blatant disrespect. It's not, but they can think that. See the thing about America is that we don't cower to others. We don't retreat, and our flag doesn't bow itself to the whims of others. While others see the custom of dipping of the flag as a sign of respect, we see it as a sign of submission. We fought numerous wars for the freedom to allow men and women to rule themselves and we'll be damned if we lower our flag in a sign of submission to another country. We're sorry we're not sorry, actually, no we're quite happy to do things the way we do them. Call it hubris, call it ego, but we're damned proud of where we come from.

flag dipping

When we avoid the "customary" flag dipping we are clearly stating that The United States of America is beholden to no master, nor influence of foreign powers. We are our own, one and indivisible. If your country wishes to dip its flag we won't stop you, but we certainly won't join you. The reason? That flag has been dipped enough, in the blood of patriots who fought and died so that no man, woman or child under it should ever have to dip their head to another again. That flag does not bow, it assaults forward.

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