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On the Road Again

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
May 22, 2018
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Staying in shape on the road is always a difficult task. You're drained from the flight, or the long drive, you've been sitting cramped for hours. The muscles are tight and you woke up early to get on the road or get to the airport. There are all sorts of obstacles in your way when it comes to exercising on the road. Heck, some folks are supplement lords and they can't function without their pre-workout caffeine bomb and post-workout protein shake with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.With all of that taken into consideration, it is still possible to get in a good workout on the road. Here are a few key tips that will keep you, strong, limber and ready to take on the world.If you're staying in a hotel, which most of us do, you'll have the benefit of their fitness center however run down or advanced it may be. We've seen everything from a fully functional almost commercial style gym fitness centers, to three treadmills in a closet. Even so with the bare minimum, it is possible to get in a killer workout with little to no equipment.

On the Road

Hotels with just treadmills. Sprints on the treadmill are your friend. Yes it's loud, yes it may be obnoxious, but after a nice warmup of hill walking on the treadmill, crank the speed on that bad boy up as high as you can stand to do 10-20 second sprint intervals. After your sprint is finished, using the handrails for support, put each foot on their respective side off the moving track. Rest for 20-40 seconds depending on how long your sprint was. These are 1:2 intervals. If you don't think your heart rate will be ramped up doing these, we invite you to take a trip to the nearest trash can after your finished.If you have a few dumbbells in the fitness center in addition to the treadmills you're in luck! If you're a barbell diety and only use dumbbells for biceps, triceps, and shoulders, try switching things up and doing such complex movements like the dumbbell deadlift, or even the goblet squat, both of these place a unique load on the muscles that they haven't experienced with the barbell.

On the Road

If all else fails, you can always do bodyweight squats and pushups till you puke, or utilize one of our favorite and most effective travel training tools, resistance bands! Couple any of the movements with resistance bands and you'll be sure to find yourself sweating to the oldies...or New Kids On the Block...wait those are still oldies now huh?Anyways, keep going strong, finding new and innovative ways to workout while traveling and we'll keep writing!

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