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Super Bowl

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
February 5, 2018
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With resilience and poise, backup quarterback Nick Foles led the Eagles to a 41-33 victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52.The goal as always when playing Tom Brady is to keep the ball out of his hands. With the Score 38-33 and Tom Brady with ball in hand, the Eagles were able to come up with a last minute strip sack on the future hall of famer. The Eagles tried desperately to get another touchdown to put the game out of reach, but they could only muster a field goal. This put the ball back in Tom Brady's hands with a minute left in the game. For any fan of football, they know that even one second left on the clock is too much time to give Tom Brady. Fortunately for the Eagles, their defense came up with the stop.This game unlike many others, saw an Eagles team actually fight back against the usually unstoppable New England onslaught that saw the Atlanta Falcons give up a substantial lead last year to fall victim to Tom Brady and his come-back powers. A kid from Austin, Texas, a backup quarterback who nobody thought could handle the reigns after losing the most valuable player candidate, Carson Wentz, stood toe to toe with arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game and win.

Super Bowl Win

After all was said and done Nick Foles was named the Super Bowl MVP, which is definitely going to leave a lot of questions for the Eagles as they head into this offseason. How do you get rid of, or bench a player that came in and won the Super Bowl? How do you tell Carson Wentz, the player that got them in the position to make this historic run for the city of Philadelphia that he's benched. It will certainly be interesting to see how Doug Pederson answers these questions in the wake of last nights victory.

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