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3 Reasons John Burk Doesn't Care What You Think

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
July 22, 2015
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Reason #1

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Fit Soldiers Fighting For Our Nation

Interesting... doesn't look like any of these soldiers failed the tape test[/caption]America was fought for on the backs of fit young men who did their share in creating what we now know as the land of the free and home of the brave. That America was better than the one we have today where everyone gets a prize for participation. Those days are grinding us into one of the laziest and most overweight nations in the world. It has to end.

Reason #2

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John Burk Drill Sergeant Meme

Your opinions don't train them, my motivation does.[/caption]As drill sergeant I have trained the most recent generation of warfighters. These are the men and women willing to enter the arena at the expense of their own lives, in order to defend your freedom. It’s my job to make sure they succeed. They don’t ask for your sympathy, appreciation or accolades. But there aren’t enough of them, and that problem is only getting worse. It’s estimated that by 2020 nearly 80% of this nation’s youth will not qualify to enter the military because they are fat bodies. Mom… knock the doughnut out of little Timmy’s mouth so he can pick up a rifle and have some honor.

Reason #3

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John Burk In The Arena

Join Me In The Arena, I'll save you a seat.[/caption]The only people that are offended are the couch loving keyboard warriors. Those opinions will never matter to me. Did Spartacus ask permission to amass an army of gladiators? Absolutely not... and neither will I. Get used to it ladies and gentlemen. I say fuck your feelings, and fuck failure. My style of in your face, get up off your ass motivation is effective, and it's here to stay.

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