Fitness motivator John Burk of In the Arena|John Burk Podcast Premiere
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John Burk's Podcast Premiere

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
August 5, 2015
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Fitness Motivator John Burk Podcast Premiere

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John Burk podcast premiere

Fitness Motivator John Burk[/caption]John Burk fitness motivator and former Army Drill Sergeant has been all over the media recently. John has been talked about on ABC's The View, The Daily Mail, Fox News, and the Buzzfeed article that got half of the internet up in arms. If you have been on the internet lately, you can't miss his message.John's message has been controversial because it's a style of talking to people that has not been experienced by most in the civilian world. We have gotten so soft over the years that saying anything critical about anyone is considered to be hate speech. These days telling someone they are not right about something is considered a personal attack. People are not used to being told that they are messing up and that they need to get their crap in line.That is where John Burk the fitness motivator comes in. John does not hate anyone but terrorists. John is all about you being the best you that you can be. He is here to help motivate people to make the changes they need to make to get healthy and get fit. Getting healthy and staying healthy is hard work. For some people, holding their hand and telling them they are a special flower is the key to motivating them. For others though, they need someone like John Burk fitness motivator to give them the kick in the pants they need to get moving.If you've seen the videos and have read the other rants about John and wondered who he really is and what he's really like, now is your chance to find out. John will be hosting a regular podcast for In the Arena starting today with the premiere episode.John will be giving advice, support, and most importantly, motivation for you to get up off the couch and get healthy and fit. In the premiere episode John talks about the first steps of making the change. He gives you tips for how to make a plan and how to set yourself up for success. If you want to get motivated to get In the Arena, listen to John Burk and take his advice.Here it is, the John Burk podcast premiere (and if you like the shirt John is wearing in his picture, you can buy it here in men's and ladies):

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