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Taser Shotgun Slug

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 14, 2016
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Taser Shotgun Slug: Electrifying A Riot Near You

The Taser XREP round is a electronic shotgun slug that delivers a shock to it's target. Basically, it's a taser that you fire out of a shotgun slug. While it is the most expensive shotgun slug ever made, coming in at $160 per round, we think it's totally worth it to drop some rioter that's getting a little out of hand and needs to be taught a lesson.https://youtu.be/kT2EX07lQy8


From The Firearm Blog

The cartridge on the right is the unfired round. It can be fired from any 12 gauge shotgun although Taser recommend the Mossberg X12 which cannot fire regular legal rounds (preventing tragic accidents). The X12 is a modified version of the pump action Mossberg 500.The bullet as it looks when it leaves the muzzle is second from the right in the above photo. At the base you can see the fins which help stabilize the bullet. The spikes in front are electrodes.Once the spikes make contact with the target, the body breaks away and very (very!) sharp needles are deployed. The Taser system requires two points of contact to adequacy shock a human being. The frontal spikes provide one point of contact and the needles provide another.

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