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Veterans Get an Extreme Experience

Active Military
Active Military
February 4, 2020
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Recently, Xtreme Xperience reached out to Grunt Style stating they would like to host more veterans. Grunt Style jumped on the opportunity and brought along a couple of veterans to drive the Xtreme Xperience supercars. After all, it's not everyday someone offers you the chance to drive a McLaren!"We are America's premier supercar company," said Nicholas Seymour, Event General Manager for Xtreme Xperience. "We let them experience what it's like to taste a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini, a Porsche at speed, on real race tracks."He went on to say there are no instructor brakes or limiting factors, just a supercar ready to go as fast as you can get it. This isn't the first time Xtreme Xperience has provided this opportunity to the veteran community either. A few months ago, Grunt Style hosted "VS Majors" where they had teams of Army and Marines compete for charity. (Watch that here.)Xtreme Xperience happily donated thousands of dollars of supercar time in support of veterans and these opportunities. And you should know, Grunt Style has merely been the catalyst. More and more companies reach out to provide our nation's finest opportunities they would not typically have.For the most recent Xtreme Xperience event, two disabled veterans had the opportunity drive different supercars around a racetrack in Austin. Xtreme Xperience is not the only company that is using Grunt Style to provide these opportunities either. Round Canopy Parachuting Team is another that has partnered with Grunt Style.RCPT offers a static line jump school and qualification course, which Grunt Style has lined up many people to send through already. No matter the company, however, utilizing resources to provide opportunities for veterans seems to be a new goal across the community.Often times veterans have a hard time finding like-minded individuals, so getting the opportunity to do something cool AND network with other veterans is quite the experience.Learn more about Xtreme Xperience, here.[embed][/embed]

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