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North Korea Impresses the World

Active Military
Active Military
May 6, 2019
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Even a broken clock is right twice a day right? So in the name of the Blood God Taylor Swift, we along with the rest of the world are super impressed with North Korea's ability to hit the ocean and kill fish. Nobody else, save for the United States circa the early days of the Cold War when we were detonating nuclear weapons in the South Pacific like nuclear fallout wasn't a thing, has anyone killed so many fish.With their latest launch, North Korea has again proven the ability of its missiles to hit the ocean and kill tons of fish. What their problem is with the fish we're not entirely sure. You don't see South Korea committing fish genocide like this, so it's definitely not a cultural thing.Maybe, just maybe, North Korea knows something the rest of us don't know. Maybe just maybe and we really do mean maybe, because if this were true we'd all be shit out of luck and surely fuct (yes we misspelled that on purpose), Kaiju from "Pacific Rim" are real and North Korea is doing us a favor by killing them before we even hear about their invasion. That's gotta be the only reason they keep shooting shit into the Pacific Ocean.Maybe we should all thank North Korea for keeping us safe from the Kaiju.It'd be one thing if they were eating all the fish they were offing with these missiles, but since North Korea has abundant food stores and nobody in the "glorious" Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is starving, we can't think of a good reason why they'd use the fish.So that leaves us pondering why...definitely not the Kaiju, definitely not because they need food (ok this is sarcasm), do they just hate fish? Either way, the rest of the world...we're all super impressed with how great North Korea is at shooting the ocean and killing fish.DISCLAIMER: If you were unable to detect the sarcasm in this article, perhaps you should get out more and interact with people.

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