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Active Military
Active Military
February 15, 2019
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Stop promoting terminal Lance Corporals to Corporals as soon as they EAS. I don't come on here to bitch most of the time. I just laugh at how silly the world is, and hope that we get to pink mist some bad guys. I live vicariously through you all. But one thing that's been weighing on my mind...Was I really a terminal Lance Corporal and a shitbag...or did my promotion to E-4 negate that?Look, I'm really proud of all the hard work I put in to not getting promoted. Choosing the 0351 MOS was the most difficult. They made me choose between being a Machine Gunner, an 0331 and killing everyone with loads of belt fed and lead fury and being an 0351 Assaultman, or as I like to say "Ass Man" for short, who got to turn people into pink mist with high explosives. I was like"Biiiiiiiiitch sign me up to use high explosives. I can't wait to tell all my teachers that the government let me play with the big boom boom!"Then, my dumbass got to the fleet and I was asked immediately,"What's your MOS?"And I'm thinking, I'm gonna ball out because I can use C4 like a champ. Hell naw! Wrong."0351!"All of my senior Marines were pissed."Shit another one? Alright, from now on you're a machine gunner."And I was. From that day forward with the exception of a few demolition ranges, a few SMAW ranges and the one time I got to shoot an APOBS. I sat my dumbass behind a machine gun. However, I learned to have sharp skates back in garrison, being a 51 had its privileges. When others were tasked to the armory to clean the crew served weapons...somehow I found a reason why my 0351 had to be at BAS or some other dumb shit.Look, all I'm saying is I worked really hard to be good at combat and bad at being found in garrison. Then these guys went and promoted me on my EAS date to Corporal. Like...the clock struck 12 and changed the date and I was both a Corporal and done with my active service simultaneously.I am a terminal lance and I'll forever refer to myself as such.

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