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The F*** You That Is a Rocket Launcher

Active Military
Active Military
February 18, 2019
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Look, we've all read about how butthurt I am about 0351's going away. I know you all get it. So I won't cry, bitch, moan or act like I've got sand in my nether regions. I will instead tell you all how f***ing cool a rocket launcher is and how big of a f*** you, it is to the enemy. Rocket launchers aren't what sold me on being an Assaultman, the explosives did, but I would soon come to learn that rockets were just as much fun as a satchel charge, if not more so.Imagine if you will, with one round, being able to reach out and touch someone around a quarter mile away and ensure that he and all of his smelly shit for brains asshat friends get accepted into Pink Mist University.Whether it be an AT-4 or a SMAW, these man-portable pieces of weaponry are the ultimate f*** you, from a certain perspective of course. We love our belt fed weapons but imagine hating someone so much that you don't want to spend more time painting his hidey hole with lead, but rather, just destroy his hidey hole with one shot and then move on. We're not going to put holes in your house, we're going to crater your house with one fuggin' shot.Eat that asshole.To top it all off, much like whiskey has a nice kick at the end to let you know you're not a little bitch, a rocket has a backblast that will usually jump up and bite you, the shooter in the ass. It's not super painful, but it is there and it lets you know that this isn't a weapon for the weak minded. If you shoot a rocket in combat, you're more than likely going to get the UAV killstreak reward right away, because you're impacting so many more lives than just the one dude...usually. There is that circumstance that isn't rare but also isn't super common where some goat herder turned true believer in a power vacuum decides he wants to be Iraq's Next Top Insurgent Leader, and you want to make an example.Backblast area all clear and fire away bitches. Rockets are a genuine, 100% without a shadow of a doubt, great way to say f*** you and all your friends in a very militaristic style.

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