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Laugh with the Funniest Military Memes of the Week

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
December 9, 2016
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So … a certain writer and content curator took two weeks of hard-earned vacation and forgot to ask anyone to fall in on the military memes rundown.Sorry about that. I’m back now, so here are 13 of the funniest military memes we saw this week (plus two secret bonus ones hidden at the end):

1. After all, if you stay in then you can have all the joy and happiness of first sergeant.


If the military is the best job I’ll ever have, it might be time to look at an ultra-early retirement.

2. Don’t let them catch you with morale, they’ll steal it immediately.


Leadership is like a bunch of wet blankets.

3. “Hey, guys. Ready to have some fun?”


The best part is that the Coast Guard’s sailing ship is a former Nazi vessel, so those cadets are likely vomiting where Hitler once walked. History!

4. “Just gonna keep sleeping. Thanks.”


This tactic only works until the sergeant of the guard gets involved.

5. That Central Issue Facility logic:


“Oh, well let me get all of the dirt out of this before you bury it in a landfill.”

6. My biggest concern is that it appears that wrench is way too large for that nut.


Like, I get that isn’t the point, but I feel like any craftsman should be able to eye wrench v. bolt/nut sizes better than that.

7. Look, it’s not that we don’t want to reward you for finding Taliban for us …


… but if we give you a commission, we’ll eventually have to give you a platoon. And there’s no way we’re finding 40 Joes who will follow you.

8. The greatest generation is still trying to get their disability ratings.


Pretty nice of the VA to set up shop inside their 1940s camp, though.

9. Honoring the flag waits for no paint job, not even haze gray.


Of course, left-handed salutes may be worse than missing colors.

10. They’re really cute and adorable poop factories:


Wish they would use those cutesy paws to clean up their mess.

11. Not sure why he doesn’t melt with all that salt.


The heat of combat is more dangerous for him than any other soldier.

12. Probably a soldier with an unfortunate name …


… but possibly a military fan with no idea what is going on.

13. Grumpy cat if it was an airman with a shaving profile:


Mandatory fun isn’t (unless it’s the podcast).

Secret squirrel bonus 1:


Secret squirrel bonus 2:


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