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Veteran-Owned Businesses at Risk

Community Support
Community Support
March 20, 2020
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Veterans become entrepreneurs at a much higher rate than most other groups. Many troops get out and start a business based on their passions. These entrepreneurs use this as an opportunity to employ other Veterans. Recent events are putting Veteran owned businesses at risk. If we don't act now, some companies may not be there when the pandemic is over! This is especially troubling when you think about all the Veterans they employ.

How you can help Veteran owned businesses

Seek Veteran owned businesses

Whether you need clothing, hair products, alcohol etc. there is probably a Veteran owned business that does that. Furthermore, most of these companies can ship to your location. Seek these business out online, and ask what options there are to support them. Some businesses can do curbside pickup outside their location. Others can mail products to designated locations.Network with these companies and see what Veteran owned companies they already support. Social media is a great way to reach out and discover. Don't forget many Veterans are employed online, so streaming their music, podcasts, or movies is a great way to help, and stay entertained.

Be patient with order ship times

This is very important as it may be currently difficult to process in bulk. A small business being swamped with over eager customers and complaint may over burdened employees. This is concerting because we want people to take time off if they are sick. We all know Vets are stubborn and will work through illness to accomplish the mission, but they will feel less pressure to do so if customers are understanding. Additionally, a little kindness goes a long way.

Purchase e-gift cards

If you have a few extra bucks, this is a selfless way to help small Veteran owned businesses. You can also use this as a way to introduce friends and coworkers to your favorite companies. Your family may not need these product now, but the extra cash flow may be incredibly important to retaining employees during these hard times. Another idea is to place orders on out of stock products, so businesses know they have purchases coming when they restock.

Show off what you already have

If you got a cool piece of artwork from a Veteran artist, or perhaps some delicious foodstuff from a Vet owned company, show them off on your social media! Mention they are from a Veteran owned company and discuss the importance of supporting them during this period of uncertainty.Hopefully this all blows over soon, but until that happens we need to all work together. Post any other ideas you have in the comments! You can also check out the live show we did today, here, at veteran owned Texas Grounds Coffee Company!

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