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Unforgotten Souls MC: A Thunderous Tribute

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
January 17, 2018
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You can tell the measure of a man by how he treats the people that can do nothing of benefit for him. The thunderous tribute the Unforgotten Souls MC pays to the military, law enforcement and first responders who fell in the line of duty is the purest example of the character of these men. They could be anywhere, using their time to do whatever selfish desires they may have, but they're not. They undertake a solemn but honorable vow to honor the fallen. There creed in their name, Unforgotten Souls. Due to them, these heroes will never be forgotten.It all started in 2013 with founders Tommy Gun, Spyder, Junior, Capy, and One Eye. and the other founders knew there was nothing out there to honor all three categories of heroes after the ultimate sacrifice had been made. Thus, Unforgotten Souls MC was formed. Working heavily with the Patriot Guard Riders, Unforgotten Souls has a mission and it is one they take very seriously. This club was formed with a mission; to be all-inclusive with the ranks being filled by veterans, law enforcement, first responders and patriots alike.

Unforgotten Souls

After the passing of a hero in the line of duty, Unforgotten Souls MC will designate a meeting place where there will be a ride fee of $5 and you must bring your own rose, but you get the privilege to ride with the MC in the procession. As the MC arrives at the memorial site, one by one they will pull up next to the memorial and place their rose at the memorial. After all is said and done, Unforgotten Souls MC will present the family with all of the proceeds from the ride and passenger fee.This coming September the club has organized a ride in Kouts, Indiana to raise funds for a memorial to all first responders. The memorial will be located in Kouts, Indiana.

Unforgotten souls

Never stopping, never ceasing the Unforgotten Souls MC has dedicated themselves the ensuring that those who pay the ultimate sacrifice, who know the dangers and still answer every call, are unforgotten in their sacrifice and courage.For more information on Unforgotten Souls MC, check out their webpage at Unforgotten Souls MC or on their Facebook page and Instagram(@UFSMC_Original).

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