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Grunt Style Professional: Top Rated MMA with Dan Alarik

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December 27, 2017
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Top Rated MMA podcast recently sat down with Grunt Style CEO Dan Alarik and talked about what made Grunt Style a success as well as some more personal anecdotes as well. Sit back relax and enjoy.

Top Rated MMA

As many of you familiar with our brand know, Dan started Grunt Style with only twelve hundred dollars in his pocket. From there he went on to build one of the most successful businesses in America today. It's built on a theme of pride in yourself, pride the military and pride in the country. The reason there has been so much success behind that theme is that Dan has worked extremely hard to build a team that he doesn't have to micromanage. If you build the right team, if you equip that team properly, they can do their job extremely effectively. What micromanaging says to the employee is that you don't trust them. It's weird because if you didn't trust them, why did you hire them? The atmosphere at Grunt Style is a little different and the proof is in the pudding.

Top Rated MMA

From there Erik Allen, of Top Rated MMA asked Dan some questions we hadn't seen before, a little more on the fun side if you ask us. Favorite type of music was the first question out of the gates, the answer pretty much anything aside from country music, but with the move to Texas, it was growing on him. The gun of choice for Dan, Glock, but of course we work with the Glock shooting team pretty closely. Also whatever we were issued in the military Dan obviously feels very comfortable with. When you put tens of thousands of rounds through a weapon you're gonna be comfortable with it.

Top Rated MMA

When asked about which city had the better food, San Antonio or Chicago, well we'll let him explain that in the video! Check out more from the Grunt Style leadership team here!

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