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We're Going to Be Alright

Community Support
Community Support
March 29, 2018
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It's no secret that we write about a wide variety of topics here. We've tried to make you laugh, we've tried to present you with facts and logic on a serious note. We've also tried to lift you up or call out the evil in this world. All of that aside, there is one thing that gives us confidence that we're going to be alright amidst all the turmoil in our society today. The Unaccompanied Veterans Program as it's known by many is actually The Dignity Memorial Homeless Veteran Burial of Bexar County Texas.It sounds sad, doesn't it? When we hear those four words, our heart is immediately stricken with grief. Too many of our brothers and sisters feel alone and isolated and those four words remind us of that. It reminds us of our impotent reactions as we try to just get by ourselves. Except it's not a bad thing at all. In fact, participating in The Unaccompanied Veterans Program is one of the most powerful actions that we can take to lift up those who served beside us.Veterans, dependents, civilians, and musicians are all welcome to attend the funeral of the veteran. Not all of the veterans are homeless, but all of the veterans are without any surviving kin. However, they are not unaccompanied anymore. Small groups of people show up and pay tribute solemnly to those that once shouldered the same weight many of us did. Professional musicians play taps, free of charge. On those hallowed grounds, many have arrived, to show love and support for men and women they never knew.We're going to be alright America, because if there are still people who are willing, people who've never served, but understand the cost and the burden that was thrust upon the backs of these men and women. If there are still people like that willing to show up to honor and show love for those they didn't know, we're going to be alright.For more information on the program, you can find it here.

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