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Young Entrepreneur's Journey: Daniel Olmsted

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Community Support
April 2, 2018
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This country was built by two things rugged, wilderness frontiersmen and entrepreneurship. Staples of the United States of America. We're excited to tell all of you about a young man who is doing both of those things.In the last frontier of our country, Alaska, a fifteen-year-old young man has set his sites on never working a day in his life because he loves what he does. Daniel Olmstead has started his own Outdoors Youtube channel showing people not only his love for the outdoors but also educating them and sharing the knowledge passed down from his father. The raw passion that Daniel has for this is contagious. As we spoke with him on the phone we couldn't help but share in the excitement that he has for this venture it is as fresh today as it was when he started out on this adventure.It is encouraging to see a young man chasing his dream and following through with it. Many of us get caught up in the rat race of life, where we seek out a job and we fall in line with what someone else's vision for success is. The bold few strike out on their own to discover not only what they're made of but to prove what they are made of as well.

Daniel Olmsted is the quintessential icon of an America that has come and gone but is steadily making a strong return. As the void in mankind's heart cannot be filled by objects, our quiet, serene connection to our roots, to the wilderness is becoming more and more enticing.It truly is a great thing to see someone so young understand his passion and then execute on that passion in a way that most adults can't or won't. When we think of people that make this country great, it is the young men like Daniel that inspire us and remind us that greatness has no age limits.Check out their Facebook page here!

Daniel Olmsted
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