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Pabst Blue Ribbon Lives On

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 30, 2018
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Hipsters and budget beer drinkers alike may rejoice. The once in peril Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer has reached a settlement with MillerCoors. Hooray beer! The original dispute is that according to PBR, MillerCoors wanted to charge them an exorbitant amount of cash money to continue to produce the beer after 2020. So PBR filed a $400 million dollar lawsuit against the brewing giant.While the jury deliberated, the two sides apparently decided to handle their shit like adults and come to a settlement on their own. We're quite certain that behind closed doors there was a series of fisticuffs with the hearty PBR guys winning out in the brawl, but remaining humble enough to not initiate a hostile takeover of MillerCoors. Well played gentlemen!One that pleases both sides and allows Pabst to continue to offer the blue ribbon beer that everyone will drink provided they don't have to pay for it. You can continue to go down to some hipster bar and get a can of Pabst for $15 or go to a normal bar and pay fifty cents for their entire stock of PBR. Either way, your drink of choice is now safe!Whatever way you celebrate this "victory" in favor of Pabst Brewing Company, just remember to make good choices. We know we sound like your mom but don't sour this victory doing something dumb, like drinking and driving, calling your ex, marrying the stripper, eating at Taco Bell, or marrying the girl you picked up 10 minutes before last call.Celebrate, drink, and be happy that one of the longest standing and most recognizable and affordable beer brands will continue to provide you with beer that you can buy for party guests you don't really like, but don't really dislike either. Drink up, or don't it's your life, you can live it how you want.

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