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Unboxing the Alpha Outpost Chronos Box

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 28, 2017
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There is much more than meets the eye in the Chronos box. With this box, the team at Alpha Outpost gave you some really great items for your survival needs. As always the items in the Chronos box are just more tools in your survival toolbox.

chronos box

Breaking down the comic, as we always do first. There are some great tips on identifying terrain features and other land navigation skills. If you can't read a map or understand what terrain features can be used to your benefit in a survival situation, you're already at a loss before the game has begun. Instead of taking your phone to the bathroom and playing more Candy Crush, instead take the Chronos box comic with you and read up on some of these necessary skills. The box also comes as always with the identifying patch. They've recently made the switch to these PVC patches with the detachable velcro backing so you can sew it on whatever piece of equipment you'd like.

chronos box

The next thing out of the box will be the combination sundial and compass. This handy little tool is small, light and compact. It won't weigh you down and it serves multiple purposes. Even though you can probably tell when nightfall is imminent, it's nice to have the sundial in case you broke your watch and you're unsure of how much travel time you have left before you bed down for the night. The compass, that's a given. Next up is our waterproof, durable Chronos box watch. It's made to last and if it doesn't the lens can be used to start a fire.

chronos box

As always the Alpha Outpost team has thought of all the small details we tend to forget. Always nice to have someone watching your back, especially when they're as talented as this team.

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